Why we’re different

We’re not big on hierarchy at Satalia. The whole team works as one unit.

Our transparent structure is made up of autonomous, self-organising teams, and enables decentralised decision-making. Everyone’s ideas are equally valued, and equally open to question.

We know that the talent, creativity and innovation of our people is what shapes our future. That’s why we’ve built our own unique career development system, so that everyone has the chance to learn and grow.

What makes us tick?

Our purpose is to express ourselves and make a difference through the solutions we create. What we do to achieve this is underpinned by our four core principles:

Create experiences

Inspire admiration and trust in every interaction inside and outside of the company.

Think like an owner

Every action you take has an impact on our success and growth.

Be a legend

Your passion and talent inspires everyone to never settle and to create the extraordinary.

Second home

It’s where friendships start, fun stuff happens and you have your slippers on

PMs with innovation in mind
DEVs with business in mind
business thinking
innovation thinking

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