Shifting to data-driven resource and operations planning

When your operations planning depends on meticulous analysis of thousands of interconnected data points, relying on manpower alone is far from ideal. With Greengold’s domain expertise we were able to deconstruct their business process and used it to create a flexible platform with data-driven forest management at its core. The system completely transformed Greengold’s resource and operations planning which significantly boosted efficiency and resulted in dramatic quality improvements. They estimate that sustaining the same quality and efficiency levels using the old methods would require increasing their resources by a third. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by customers as well: since competitor solutions lack sophistication the system has become one of the key differentiators for Greengold.


Using optimisation to drive efficiency and improve the customer experience

DFS is the largest sofa manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Using advanced optimisation machine learning and software engineering, we built a last-mile delivery system that optimised the routes and schedules of their entire delivery fleet - minimising operational costs, and maximising the number of timeslots that can be offered to customers. The system enabled 5% more deliveries with existing resources, reduced overtime payments by 19%, reduced training time from 3 weeks to 30 minutes and improved NPS scores by 4%.


Building a data powerhouse aligning separate business functions

A highly skilled workforce and excellent customer service are key to success. But effectiveness of your internal processes is just as important. Using an iterative approach to development we helped Swift Travel to streamline their pipeline and unearth the service benefits of using a central data source to manage all activities. The new system cut the average quotation process from 25 minutes to just 5 and standardised Swift Travel’s workflow. This eliminated errors, enabled close collaboration and added transparency to the process, which not only positively impacted team morale but also made scaling up much easier. All these internal improvements allow Swift Travel’s experts to focus on the most value adding activities as the same consultant can now deal with 4 times more clients.

Swift Travel

Creating a supply chain solution to support rapid business growth

Due to the strict requirements for pharmaceutical drugs quality is crucial for the players in this industry. By building a centralised supply chain platform we helped EBB Medical to streamline their packaging and quality assurance processes which resulted in significant time savings. The new system also enabled batch traceability while leveraging reporting features simplified sales tracking and forecasting. With the stable core platform to manage the day-to-day, EBB Medical could shift their focus to business development. Their turnover has increased around 3 times over the last few years and the number of employees has grown more than 50% across the different departments. Such significant growth would have not been possible had they kept using the old methods, as EBB Medical estimates they would have needed to increase their resources around 4 times to keep the same pace.

EBB Medical